how to spot a scam

Just to be clear, these scammers aren't exactly rocket scientists; you will find extremely poor grammar, misspelled words, and other red flags. Also, look for certain dead giveaway phrases such as "flash sale", "last day", and "free shipping" on items which would obviously be pricey to ship.

Also, look for the seller's Facebook page to have very few likes, as well as being very new and for some reason having a photo of a random woman being their default photo. One of the biggest and most obvious signs is the purposefully random-seeming store name, which has nothing to do with the product, and a "webstore" which is hosted on a doman that is only weeks or even days old.

The most obvious sign is when the product is under $25.00; Visa generally will NOT allow chargebacks under $20-25, which means you are out of luck. Also, many people just say "oh well" and call it a loss since it was only a few bucks.
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